Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carl Jung and his Secret Book (The Red Book)

Recently, friends of mine from Texas sent an article from the New York Times on an as yet unpublished book by Carl Jung and his personal quest for spirituality.

Many know Carl Jung is one of the fathers of modern psychology, taking Sigmund Freud’s ideas beyond sex and early development into spiritual enlightenment. Dr. Jung was a student of the early Gnostics and proponent of spirituality outside of organized religion.

But what less than a handful of people knew, was that Jung had written and illustrated a significant work of his own spiritual search. Secreted in a European bank vault for over 20 years, few have actually seen the book; the NYTimes article quotes the few who have.

I have great expectations of this rediscovered work and will report back as soon as I have had a chance to read it. The book is expected to be out in early winter from W. W. Norton. Here are some of the details:

“The Red Book” by Carl G. Jung

Hardcover - 416 pages - $195 (on sale at Amazon for $105.30 - 12/4/2009)

ISBN - 9780393065671

The web site for norton the publisher of the Red Book is

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