Sunday, September 13, 2009

What happened on Turk’s Mountain today?

The strawberry plants arrived today. I will plant them tomorrow; rain permitting, adding 200 to the 600 already there. These are all June-bearing varieties expanding on the ever-bearing ones. The June-bearers seem to produce larger and sweeter fruit. I need extras as I have had to learn to share with the expanding population of rabbits. Of course, they may resent me as much as I do them.

I refrigerated the last of the Indian Blood Cling peaches – about 50. They are so sweet. I had some peaches delivered from Harry and David’s yesterday just in case I missed this year’s crop again. They may be bigger, but they are nowhere near as sweet as mine. The Asian pears, persimmons, pears and apples are all looking good. There are a few more weeks to go before they are ripe. The blueberries, gooseberries, brambles, plums and nectarines are all done. The paw-paw and quince did not bear fruit this year.

The tomatoes, peppers, squash and melons are at their peak right now. They are coming out my ears. Luckily I have some of nature’s helpers taking what they need and leaving some for me.

Still trying to find where the hummingbird bees have gone. I hope they aren’t gone until next year. We haven’t been having the sunny days. Maybe that is what they are waiting for. I took some nice pictures of the colorful sunflowers in the orchard.

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