Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From the time I was a child

I was amazed by how everything seemed to come together. I would sit by the front door and watch the milkman deliver fresh milk and eggs, the bread man deliver their fresh goods (early 1960’s Virginia), followed by the dads leaving early for work. How did it all happen? How did they all know what to do? Why did it all seem to be so perfectly orchestrated by some invisible conductor? What was the purpose of all this activity? Later, in elementary school, I wondered whether we were really better off now or in some earlier time when we actually had leisure time, sitting around the campfire, looking out into the night’s sky, weaving gigantic tales about the constellations. Fifty years later, I still feel the same. Why have we made ourselves so busy? Why have we ceased to wonder? Why have we failed to appreciate our many blessings?


  1. --- why have we made ourselves so busy? --- the answer is --- mind - minds is bored, mind needs entertainment, mind craves, mind has desires, mind wants more food (even though body is content) mind is hurt, mind suffers, mind is offended, mind speculates/calculates, mind falls obsessively in love, mind is jealous, mind needs something going to, mind, mind, mind....mind works tirelessly to protect the illusion called ego ---