Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Warrior in Life

One of the continuous themes of Joseph Campbell’s books is his robust discussion of what he called the hero’s journey. I think that for Mr. Campbell, the hero’s journey was his phraseology for the spiritual search. He discusses the myth of the hero as a journey of inner knowing instead of what might be more commonly assumed as a series of stupendous feats.

As an unmatched expert on myth and metaphor, I think that he believed that this is the purpose of life, our highest calling. No less than George Lucas credited Mr. Campbell’s hero’s journey with inspiring his story line in the Star Wars’ movies.

This really speaks to me; that there is something within us that can take us to a higher place. It says that within us is a magical, mysterious gift to be found. The journey is not one of distance, but a journey deep within. The idea is to engage with great passion in your life, that when the question comes, say, yes, to it all, as a warrior in life.

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