Friday, September 4, 2009

Time, Athletics and You

Have you ever watched our greatest athletes? Maybe you have been one yourself. The best ones operate in the present moment. They don’t think about anything.

They don’t wonder how to shoot the basket, hit the ball or throw the pitch. They just move to the music of their athletic soul, in complete mindfulness. They operate in the pivot of time, the absolute moment of now. When they stop to think about anything, the music stops, and the performance suffers. They fall back to earth and become imperfect once again, mere mortals living in their minds of illusion with all the rest of us.

Does the lion wonder whether he will chase down the gazelle? Does the seed need to be told how to sprout? Does the flower know when to bloom? We are so busy thinking about how to correct the past, or anticipating the future, that we forget the only thing that is real, the present moment of now. Be the lion, or be the seed, or be the flower. They remember what we have all forgot.

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