Thursday, October 1, 2009

Did you know?

Research shows that at any moment up to 90% of our thoughts are negative. That’s right 90%. And we are completely unaware of this. Part of the problem is the constant drumbeat of negative messages that surround us. I stopped watching the local news long ago because of this.

Is this an indicator of our level of spirituality? I have found that as my own spirituality has progressed my thoughts have become more and more positive. Part of this is that I have fewer and fewer thoughts. As the surrender to spirit occurs the racing mind of illusion slows.

There are those who say that in time the egoic mind will completely stop for the spiritual seeker. While this is appealing, it may also have its downside. Without the ego, is it possible to operate in a world full of ego and personality? Would we even be able to communicate? Aren’t our words learned and acquired full of the meaning assigned by the ego?

Maybe our response to negativity should be to bring our full attention to it. Can we look for the things that we like instead of the things we dislike? Can we focus on what we will do instead of what we won’t?

Just think of how our relationships might change. Who doesn’t like to be around the person who can see the good in things, who focuses on what can be done, who sees the light instead of the shadow. Think about how much better we might do at work, to be known as the person who gets it done with joy and happiness.

I was listening to a radio show recently and a relationship expert said that the secret to better relationships was converting our negative propensities into saying at least five nice things each day. When was the last time someone said five nice things to you in a week, let alone a day? How nice would that be? Dare to be that person if you can. It all starts with our full attention.

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