Thursday, September 24, 2009


Desire originates in the acquired mind of personality. Desire has an irresistible nature, and for some of us, is the most difficult challenge in achieving our true nature. Within our egoic mind, the yearnings of desire are based on the false belief that satisfaction of a desire leads to happiness, only to find that it satisfies nothing and only leads to the next desire.

Desire is much like unrequited love. It leads us nowhere and is a figment of our egoic imagination. Watching desire rise and fall without acting, forms the starting line to our true nature.

The End of Desire

The end of desire is
The end of a life lived in illusion
The end of jealousy, insecurity and fear
For desire leads us only
To the next desire
The endless search for fulfillment
While that treasure can only
Be found within.

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