Monday, September 14, 2009

The Search (mine)

It came out of a feeling of contentment. I had reached all of my professional goals at a fairly young age. And for me, this was enough. I have never understood the old battle axes like Donald Trump, Abe Greenberg (AIG), and Jack Welch (GE) who seemingly go on and on. Is it that ego and desire for more money and attention never ends?

There were many coincidences; the friend who sent books on spirituality, the guy on the plane who recommended further reading, the convenient timing of personal freedom to pursue the search, to name a few. Maybe these coincidences are always there, but our eyes and ears are not open to them.

Unlike some others, I fell into this search from a position of contentment, not of despair. I was open and listening for the call. So maybe, if my experience is relevant, you do not need to come to this out of a fall,.

There were many messages, most of which were helpful. I was lucky early on to realize that in the world of words, I needed to be careful. I realized words travel through personality and ego, limiting their usefulness and interpretation, no matter the level of spirituality. Many of the readings were translations incorporating additional error and potential for misinterpretation. Over time, I developed an ability to expect this, to listen to my inner self, and understand the intended direction of the words. Specifically, here is what I found most helpful, ranked by priority:

In H.W.L. Poonja’s “Wake and Roar”, I heard the truth. This was not in long-winded explanation, but in demonstration of inner being. I was not ready for this until later in my search.

In Dennis Lewis’s “The Tao of Natural Breathing” and Bruce Frantzis’s “Relaxing into your Being”, I heard the integration of body and soul. I learned the role of breathing and energy cultivation in spirituality.

In Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Voice of Knowledge”, I saw my personality and ego for the first time. This allowed me to surrender to the song of H.W.L. Poonja, to hear its truth.

In Dainin Katagiri’s “Each Moment is the Universe”, I realized the present moment. This realization shifted time from scarcity to abundance. And then there are the other favorites:

Thich Nhat Hahn “Peace is Every Step” Inner grace

Meister Eckhart “From Whom God Hid Nothing” Early spirituality

Charles L. Moore “Synthesis Remembered” Our magical, mystical nature

Brian Hines “Return to the One” Plotinus’ ancient wisdom

Sri Aurobindo “The Life Divine” Masterpiece of spirituality

David Hawkins “Power versus Force” Science merged with spirit

Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now” The search for present moment

Ken Wilber “Sex Ecology and Spirituality” Modern masterpiece of integration

Marianne Williamson “Everyday Grace” Inner grace and power of prayer

Dzigar Kongtrul “It’s Up to You” A songbird of truth

Arjuna Ardagh “The Translucent Revolution” Spirituality rising today

Thomas Merton :Book of Hours” Power of prayer and inspiration

Foundation for Inner Peace “A Course in Miracles” Distinctively inspiring song

Shechen Rabjam “The Great Medicine” A songbird of truth

Khenchen Thrangu “On Buddha Essence” A songbird of truth

Erving Goffman “Presentation of Self ” Ego’s stage and our part on it

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