Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moments when the songbird sings to me

The coyotes

Last night I heard them once again; first just one, then another and then an entire chorus. It is hard to know how many; maybe four, maybe more. It is the howl of a dog, but then for sure not a dog; more of a high-pitched wail, a pitiful song. And then the realization comes, it is a band of coyotes! I shiver in the cool air and retire inside, glad for the safety and comfort.

The honey bees

It is said that a hive of honey bees acts as one being; an orchestra playing its own melody, to its own rhythm, without conductor, without words, yet all in synchrony, nature’s perfect music. My neighbor keeps two hives of bees in my lower orchard, pollinating the fruits and vegetables, producing their honey, achieving their destiny in the quiet stillness of their parallel of the universe. He stops by to report on their seasonal struggle and progress; I love to hear of their achievements.

Birds and their houses

This is that time of the year when the new season approaches, the nights become cooler, the days shorter. This is when the birds finish the raising of their young. The houses will soon be empty, to be used as gathering places of warmth in the approaching cold of fall and winter. I remember this year’s productive summer of cooler days and heavier rains. Yes, the summer of 2009 was a good one, one of recovery for the flowers, the birds, the bees and the trees.

And soon they will gather

As they do every year, on the side of the house and barn. The nights cool into the low 50’s and they appear out of nowhere, dozens of preying mantis and walking sticks. Striking in their unique appearance, this year I will finally remember to take their pictures.

As she looked deeply into my eyes

I tried to understand her silent request as I awoke slowly from an afternoon nap. She had just moved onto the sofa, next to my favorite chair, bringing her within inches of my face. She trembled with great intention, wordless in her approach, a low whimper the only sound. The Grandfather’s clock then rang 5 times, and it dawned on me, it was dinner time and the dogs were hungry. It is time to be fed, now! The message came into sharp focus as I lifted my rested body to perform the nightly ritual, truly an honor and privilege. Every moment is so precious.

Nothing like a hot bath

After a hard day’s work in the garden, there is nothing like the delicious moment of sinking into a hot, sudsy bath. The soothing heat on tired muscles is like a gentle massage of gratitude for the day’s work. Sitting in the quiet stillness of the rising vapor, empty of intention or need, everything is right once again.

The first snowfall

There is something very special about the season’s first snowfall. The hot days of summer not far behind, the autumn leaves spread across the ground and now the sudden stillness and quiet of the falling snow. I especially love to wake up to the surrounding whiteness, and then witness the dogs’ bewildered surprise on its first discovery. It is just around the corner.


  1. Beautiful! Loved the song birds and 5 bong moment! That dog is SO CUTE!

  2. Thank you, I will tell her you said so.