Monday, September 28, 2009

Consciousness – Upside Down?

We call it the unconscious, but it is actually our true consciousness, however hidden it may be.

What we typically call consciousness is the personality, the voice in the head; the egoic, racing, monkey mind that we have become. This is just an acquired illusion; an act we play out everyday on society’s stage of false reality.

Is it any wonder we are confused? Not knowing consciousness is the definition of ignorance, not in a pejorative way but by definition.

There are those who are enormously impressed with educational credentials, high society’s imprint or inherited treasure. They may make jokes of or look down at others with less of society’s fallacious stamp of approval. The joke is really on these people, for the precious inheritance of consciousness is one that we have all been given, coincident with the miraculous gift of human birth.

The spectacular presence rises out of the shadow of the ego, returning to its rightful place. What a simply beautiful reality, that by quieting the acquired language of personality, we liberate the magnificence within.

We find that the more complex and educated the personality, the far more removed that ego is from the truth. How could we have let this happen? The shame is on us for repeating this mistake generation after generation.

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