Monday, September 28, 2009

The Search and the Struggle

After the spiritual search has begun, there will come a time when the destination feels so close you can touch it. This may go on for some time.

I characterize it as a vague feeling of frustration. It comes from an inability to solve what seems like a riddle in a language you don’t understand. It is an uncomfortable feeling that you want to stop, but may represent progress.

I liken this to a vibration or energy that builds without an avenue for release. It is like the feeling you get when you forget a name or are reaching for the right word. It is just beneath the surface.
Can this be the personality fighting your pursuit of true nature? Does the personality foresee its own decline and the resulting rise of the true nature?

I call this the struggle within. It is a sign of progress toward the destination. It signals a building realization of truth versus perspective, of true nature versus personality.

Life’s Answers

Some look to the horizon
The liminal zone
Seeking, searching for hope.
Only to find fortune has
Moved to a new distance.
And we are back
To a similar place
Without the reward.
This treasure is found
In a much closer place,
Right here where we started
Not far, but near
Inside, within.

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