Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seasons as Metaphor

Some parts of the world do not have the full complement of seasons. Southern California has spring and summer, no fall or winter. Nebraska has a winter and summer, not much of a fall or spring.

I have come to appreciate the full four seasons after living in areas with-out the full complement. There is something missing, unbalanced when a season passes you by.

I think it is like that in life. One sees some of these child actors who never had a childhood. There is the sense that they are reliving a missed time period. You can see it in some who marry and start families early. Later they may feel like they missed out on something. Is this what causes a mid-life crisis?

There are those who want to rush into the future. The next time this happens, we should step back and fall back into the present. The future will come soon enough.

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