Monday, October 12, 2009

The Mountain

Standing strong,
Immovable in its intent,
Apparently changeless.
Wordless in its ways.
Except on its face
With each seasons conversion.
Against a spectacular sky,
A fleeting rainbow crosses
The stout landscape.
Oh, let us be like the mountain
Immovable in our intent
Changeless in our values
Supporting all who depend on
Our strength and conviction.
Oh, to be as strong
As the mountain.
As we move beyond
The lower stages,
The view becomes
Broader in its objective.
All it takes is to stand strong,
Leave behind the illusion
Come out of the shadows
Face into the sun
Stand strong against the wind
Like the mountain
Immutable, changeless
In the now, in the world
In the moment, this moment
Without words, without illusion
Feel the warmth of the light
Stand strong like the mountain
Now, and forever more.

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