Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Search

It was Plotinus who found
The search is
“A matter of stillness,
Rather than movement.
Of silence,
Rather than speech.
Of being,
Rather than becoming.
Of inner essence,
Rather than outer substance.” 1
1800 years ago.
Has anything changed?
Still a matter of awareness,
With great determination,
But without effort.
With loving direction,
But no material act.
A personal decision,
Beyond faith and belief.
To merge the many
To become the one.
Coming together in
Silence and stillness
The search for completeness
A return to reunification.
Allowing the illusion to depart
Creating an emptiness
So that the truth can return
Free at last, home once again.

1Quotes from Brian Hines in “Return to the One” , page 301.

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