Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Awaken and Roar!

Once upon a time
A washer man was at the river
His donkeys laden with wash
When a pregnant lioness came to drink.
A hunter shot the lioness,
Took the hide
The washer man took the cub
Raising him as a donkey.
Some time later
When the cub had grown
The washer man, his herd
Were at the river washing
When along came a hunting lion
Who could not believe his eyes
A tame lion eating grass
Just like a donkey!
So the hunter lion charged
The washer mans’ herd
And then jumped the tame one
Please Mr. Lion do not kill me!
Cried the terrified tame one
You are a lion said the hunter
No I’m a donkey said the other
The hunter took the tame one
To the river to show him
See, you are a lion.
We are alike! Now roar!
And the tame lion roared
Realizing his true nature
In that very instant.
It is as simple as that
No ritual is necessary
No program is required.
Decide in this moment to
Awaken and Roar!
Wake up to your true nature. Now!

Adapted as a poem from a story told
by H.W.L. Poonja, in his book Wake Up and Roar

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