Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Path of the Warrior

It is a sacred path
For thousands of years,
Maybe more
One of giving, sacrifice, love
He or she, both together
On the field, at home
Unified in purpose
Each together
Bold, brave, courageous
In spite of all odds
In life, in death
All the same
Equal in purpose
No matter the stake
Whether it’s honor or life.
It is a sacred path
In a whisper
From the ancestors
From their lips to our ears
We are told, that we are all
On this sacred path
The path of the warrior
All the courage needed
Is available from within
Go outside into the open air
Listen for the gentle message
There will be no words
There will be only courage
That will flow through you
From the ancestors
From a time long past
Listen, feel the strength
That is blowing in the wind
Feel the power build, and then
When the question comes
Say yes, to it all
As a warrior in life

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