Monday, October 5, 2009

The Treasure is in Your Pocket

The Treasure is in Your Pocket

This is the story of a thief
A pickpocket of some note
In search of a precious gem
One he desired for all his life.
Following the owner of such a gem
He tried for days
To pluck this prize
Frustrated beyond belief
Unable to steal the rare jewel.
Only to find his prey
Had hidden the gem
In the thief’s own pocket!
The last place he might look.
The search for delight
Sought outside of ourselves
Will not result.
For this reward is found much nearer by
Inside, within
The pocket of your own true nature.
Peace, love and happiness
Not in some far away place,
But close by, inside your very soul.
The treasure is in your pocket!

Adapted as a poem from a story told
by H.W.L. Poonja in his book Wake Up and Roar
and by Gangaji in her book The Diamond in Your Pocket.

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