Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Breath of Life

We breathe in
We breathe out
We invite the outside in
To exchange greetings with
Our inside self
And then back out again
In our minds eye, through
Each and every
Cell, bone, organ, and pore
Refreshment, restoration
Draw the outside in
Release the inside out
Until the outside and inside
Are one in this given instant
Receiving and giving
Nothing missing
And without desire,
Without intent
Without time
All is one, one is all
And so it goes
The purpose of it all
One mind, one taste, one world
Not knowing, only appreciating
That we are one
In love, in complete intimacy
In cosmic oneness
No problems, No issues
Rightness, simplicity,
No mind
Just purity of mind
And purity of spirit.
Nothing special,
Simply magnificent.

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