Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being Alone

There exists an irrational fear
Of being alone.
Some will tolerate
Unbelievable circumstances
In order to avoid being alone.
Being alone starts with being.
A simple question
How to be? Just be?
Master that and
You may master being alone.
Being starts with
Becoming more real, then
Becoming more real, then
Becoming more real.
Finding the truth that is inside.
Leaving behind that which
Isn’t true, the illusion, the lies.
To listen, with your very being
To the quiet stillness, between
Each beat of your heart.
It is found beneath the quiet
That is beneath the quiet,
That is beneath the quiet.
Not a physical act,
But a surrender,
A leaving behind of that
Which has never been real.
The layers, upon layers,
Upon layers of illusion.
Listening for the sounds,
Beneath the sounds, that are
Beneath the sounds.
This is the magnificence
The quiet stillness of being,
Of being alone.
Love, forgiveness, kindness
Because nothing else ever
Really mattered.
You are one with it all
You have never been alone
Alone is an illusion
Being is the truth
Being is the promise
The kingdom of heaven
Is within your very being.

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