Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On Being Alone

This is one of my favorite subjects for contemplation. If we accept our interconnectedness to everything, then how is it possible for us to actually be alone? Regardless of that logic, being begins with becoming more real; shedding all illusion, lies, and perspective, finding the quiet stillness between each beat of your heart. This is an act of surrender. As we silence the layers upon layers of habits, learning and false ideas, our true nature rises out of the emptiness. We find the truth; you have never been alone, the entire kingdom of heaven is within your very being.


  1. Have you really found that truth through your experience, or you are just writing about it? Are you completely awake to your true nature or is it just that you have an idea about it?

  2. This is the right question. In my view, all of our words and language are learned. They are part of our ego, part of our personality, part of our illusion. Completely awake is in a world without words. In the best of circumstances our words reflect our true nature. In that reflection, it is not quite right. Body, mind and spirit acting as co-partners in the truth. However, ego is still the translator, otherwise the answer is silence and stillness. But somehow that does not satisfy us, in this world we live.

    Aw, well now. Your question is right. The answer is and. Is and acceptable to you? And is such an underutilized word. Our illusion forces us to always make the choice with or. The other choice is both are true. Nothing left out.

    All the best. Mark

  3. Is "and" acceptable to me as the answer to the most important question of being and meaning? Sounds like a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy joke:D But if one is to philosophize about "and" it can be said that is inclusive, empty spaces around it, connecting... heh mind can create everything out of nothing - :D What bothers me slightly is that it has become a trend to write about (and sell) spirituality, silence, and all of us being one but many of those ideas are just repetition of somebody else's ideas, they do not really come out of the well of being --- they are not truly experienced...but oh well, they are still an entertainment for the every hungry mind ;)

  4. Just in case my answer was not clear.

    Your question posed a choice of this or that.

    My answer was and, instead of or. Another words,

    I found this truth through my own experience and I am just writing about it.

    I am awake to my true nature and I have ideas about it.

    Best regards, Mark