Thursday, August 20, 2009

“The Infinite Possibilities of the Mystic Songbird”

1. I started the follow-on book to “The Songbird In My Heart” a few weeks ago. The working title is “The Infinite Possibilities of the Mystic Songbird”. The focus of the book is scientific and observational evidence for the hidden order and interconnectedness of everything.
Scientific topics include natural ecosystems, genetics, non-linear dynamics, string theory and synchrony. The observational evidence will include my own plus any other that readers of “Songbird I” might want to offer.

The purpose of the book is to demonstrate our connection to the universe. We typically feel separate and are yearning for connection. We may not understand the reasons why, but we join groups with like interests, we travel to exotic places and challenge our comfort zones, all in a search to find unity. This book will demonstrate the intimate connections within us to everything around us. It will show how we are part and whole at the same time.

2. The last few years I have sworn off all chemical sprays. There is over a mile of gravel driveway on the farm, so this means a lot of invasive weeds. Most all my neighbors spray Roundup several times per summer. I have been just mowing them down. For me it adds a cooling, green look to the gray gravel.

I have brought this same approach into my garden. This year instead of trying to keep the weeds down between the fruit trees, I planted and then encouraged the growth of diverse wildflowers and legumes. As promised by the expert’s recommendation, a rich array of beneficial insects rose up and has protected the fruit. A new combination of birds has also shown up. So as a result of this new ecosystem, the garden has produced better fruit, more flowers, and attracted new birds all from planting a new understory of plants. Wow, it really worked!

3. When I moved back to Virginia, I was planning on building a super-sized, southern mansion. Being a country boy, I built my barns first, and as things evolved I built a small country cottage instead. Almost 5 years later, I still love that decision.
Some of my friends were very disappointed, others proud of me. For some, I violated some important rule. Either way, we must remember that it not necessarily about what others think, it’s about our choices.

4. In spite of the security and comfort I feel inside my cottage, I have found that I much prefer being outside. Inside it is very quiet, separate. Outside there is a cacophony of sound. Early this morning, as I sat sipping the morning’s brew, I listened to the crickets’ music rise and fall. I noticed that it had a certain rhythm with the truck noises from up on Route 64 about a mile away.

As the trucks roar would rise, the crickets’ chirps would follow. It was if the crickets were calling out to the trucks. Is this possible? I realized in that moment, that we feel so separated from nature, that it never dawned on me that the crickets were welcoming the trucks to join the party. If we can find the time to step outside, we may again feel our strong connection to everything.

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