Monday, August 31, 2009

Energy Cultivation

When we consider our energy level we probably first think of food, drink or rest. I have never tried them, but there is a whole array of energy drinks all promising to increase our energy. Of course, I love my morning coffee. There are energy bars available at every grocery checkout stand in the country. You can’t go a week without hearing you don’t get enough rest, or conversely, too much.

Certainly we cannot believe we are just a bag of complex chemistry; that a sip of some energy drink will have any lasting effect. Consider your ability to get on your computer to access and read this material. The neural network that forms your consciousness is truly a miracle of connectedness and interdependency.

There are ancient traditions of energy cultivation, based on understanding the body’s electrical channels. While not an expert, I have tried the outer dissolving (downward) practice of the Water Method successfully. The next time you reach for an energy drink or energy bar, check out the work of Bruce Kumar Frantzis and Dennis Lewis instead.

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