Monday, August 24, 2009

"I Am Spirit"

Last night the dogs and I sat outside in the twilight, contemplating the stars above. I remember there are 100 billion galaxies each of which have 100 billion stars. That is 10 billion trillion stars in all. As I look up into the night’s sky, my mind completely stops in awe as I contemplate and appreciate the vastness of the universe.

Several minutes later, I remember a human body has more atoms than there are stars in the universe; that the space between each atom is proportional to the space between the stars. So although we seem to be solid, we are mostly the space between. My mind completely stops in wonder.

This miracle we call life; that two cells come together to create this living being capable of contemplating the universe. This being is as vast as the universe, with more atoms than all the stars in the universe. And my mind stops once again.

Each of us is a magical mystery, an enduring energy, a miracle of peace and love, a wistful field of benefaction, a celestial sphere of truth, a heavenly cloud of kindness, a hallowed ground of grace.

We will release soon a video trailer to “The Songbird In My Heart” in order to convey these thoughts through photographs, words and the music of Maia Oden. It will be called “I Am Spirit”.

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  1. what is even more stunning is that all the world, the stars and galaxies, all your perceptions and even the very sense of your body is just electrical impulses in your brain --- and when u think more about it, even your brain can be touched and sensed so ---- really puzzling --- as some wisemen said it seems it is all just a light show --- a dream of the mind, which we are not----by the way --- you added me as a friend on fb --- gordana