Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moments when the songbird sings to me

Look into the liminal zone

Outside my front door is a set of mountains I love to look into. As I look at the ragged edge between the top of the trees and the sky above, it comes into a clearer and clearer focus. It becomes a bright line of light, a reflection of the light from the other side. As I look ever more deeply into this liminal zone, my mind stops its racing thoughts and my heart fills with boundless joy.

Look into the landscape

Living on the side of a mountain, surrounded by mountains, there are trees everywhere. There was a time when I would look out and see a blur of green. Now, when I look out into the trees I see every distinct shade of green, the various shapes, and then the sizes with an extraordinary depth perception of the trees close, far, high and low. This beauty is beyond the dimensions of sight to include the energy and aliveness of the universe.

Listen to the sounds beneath the sounds

When you listen, really listen, you can hear the sounds beneath the sounds; first the birds nearby, then the birds afar, then the responding answers to each of those calls. A gentle wind passes through the trees and the leaves rub against each other; then a train whistles, the coyotes chorus, a woodpecker hammers, a hawk screams, an airplane soars. This is the pivot of each moment of change, the universe singing its song of oneness. All of it is available to us as witness if we really listen.

Listen to the falling rain

Rain is such a reassuring sound. Its gentle rhythm promises the liquid hydration of life. The trees sing, the flowers bloom, while all the furry and feathered friends receive a needed bath. The earth is healing itself one more time.

Breathe in, Breathe out

I like to take time everyday to stop everything, sit down in a comfortable chair and slowly breathe in and breathe out. As I do I can feel my heart beat, ever so slowly and then a pleasant feeling of bliss radiates throughout every tissue in my body. I know for sure in these moments that natural healing and restoration is taking place.

Look into the cascading waterfall of nectar

Each night as I close my eyes to fall asleep, I look into my closed eyelids. At first I see a random pattern of reddish light within the darkness. Then as I look more closely into the light, it begins to organize itself into patterns. Sometimes I see two opposing waterfalls cascading into each other. As I look into their juncture, I see a sweet, bright light that beacons beyond. I imagine that this is the cascading waterfall of nectar, the singularity of change and time, the heartbeat of the universe, truth in the mind’s eye, as I fall fast asleep.


  1. I really liked the "Look into the cascading waterfall of nectar" part ... I often pay attention to the patterns I see when I close my eyes, too. I like the images you see... I tend to see images of people emerge and it's a constant motion of seeing from one face to another. I usually do not recognize any of the faces. Eyes usually stand out because that's what I pay attention to the most on a person. This eventually stops and after that I feel like my eyes are open even though they're closed - I end up seeing the room I'm in. I wonder what this means...

  2. Next time look for the cascading waterfalls. Keep looking into the light, leave the darkness alone.