Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Sky Above

This month several planets are visible in the night sky. Check out,, or Take the time to find our brothers and sisters of the solar system and experience the wonder and oneness with the universe.


We are told to be mindful, but the question is; full of what mind? Ah, so it all starts with the assumption that we know the answer. For some, it may mean to bring your attention to a matter. Not a bad start, but not quite complete. Mindfulness begins with emptiness, a mind empty of the acquired ego and personality of our years. If we can empty this egoic mind, our true nature rises out of the emptiness and fills the void. This is mindfulness.

Emotions and Feelings

We are told to only trust our emotions and feelings for they arise from our true nature. Yet this is not necessarily so. Emotions and feelings that arise out of our ego and personality arise out of illusion. These emotions and feelings are rooted in the meaning we have assigned them, from our everyday superficiality. So, how do we know which emotions and feelings we can trust? Now that is the question.

The Word And

And is a most important word. We are trained to think of or, which certainly has its place. Or clearly forces a choice, but sometimes the better answer is and. Remember this as it may have become unnatural to you. And is a most natural word.


Many suggest that all problems originate in duality, the thinking and actions that are a result of us feeling separate, unique and special. And yet, in making this important point we may miss a broader lesson. We are both part and whole at the same time. Our parts are the source of our connectedness. Simultaneously, we are part of a greater whole. We usually see the one in the many; we need to also see the many in the one. This is holistic thinking, oneness. Nothing is left out.

A Special Time, A Special Place

We do not need a special place or time to find our true nature, but it might help. It did for me. After a time, the realization that time and place do not matter will arrive. But in the meantime, it may help you bring attention and purpose. Later, their need will disappear.

Courage = Focus less the Fear

Love = Wholeness less the Ego

Forgiveness = Understanding less the Righteousness

Mindfulness = Spirit less the Illusion

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