Friday, November 20, 2009

Time and Place

Each day this week I will discuss the evidence for our interconnection in the world. Our feelings of separateness can lead us to feelings of dissatisfaction because we have lost our connection to the universe, to who we really are.

Monday – Origins - A Moment in Singularity (a.k.a. The Big Bang)
Tuesday - Holarchy
Wednesday - Chaos and the Hidden Order of Life
Thursday - Synchrony
Today - Time and Place

As contemplation of time deepens, a new understanding emerges. There is quiet stillness in each moment. There is also simultaneous change, movement, activity as the universe pivots into the next moment. This realization is quite stunning. There is both stillness and motion in each moment of time.

The stillness emphasizes the interconnection of everything, while the motion emphasizes its separateness. The stillness emphasizes the eternal nature of time, while the motion emphasizes the passage of time. Stillness and motion are not separate but simultaneous.

When we are in the quiet stillness it is as if we have fallen out of time into eternal time, a feeling of no-time. We are witness to timelessness and interconnection within each moment. Yet we know that time marches on.

If we can carry this understanding with us into the pivot of each moment of change, our lives become fuller, more connected to everything. We are now one, interconnected and interdependent in each moment of time.

And then finally as to place; here we are all gathered on our beautiful planet Earth. Of all the billions and billions of stars and their planets, we just happened to end up here, together. Wow, now take that for shared connection!

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