Friday, August 5, 2011

Love Is

Many of us have perhaps experienced romantic love, a mother’s love, the love found in a deep friendship. We may well differentiate a teacher’s love, a sister’s love or a brother’s love. I have heard it said that the Japanese language has dozens of words for all the nuances of love.

But are these mere distinctions, without real difference. Is love much simpler, than it is complex? Has our ego driven us toward ever greater complexity in the way we think of love?

Many enjoy the taste of a favorite food; perhaps for you it is a dessert like lemon bars, German chocolate cake, or strawberry shortcake.

But what is it we taste? Is it some sort of chemical reaction that registers electrically in our brain? Or could it also be a reflection of the love from and with which it was made?

It’s Right There

Life’s most simple rhyme
Perhaps its highest reason
True nature’s song of joy,
Feel the pulse, the beat
Allow a smile, hear its vibe
It’s everywhere, around
An ancient melody of grace
Tuned to life’s harmonic key
Set your shoulders
Lift your sight
Let it in and let it out
A hum, a buzz, a whistle
A peak, and then a trough
Riding on spirit’s whisper
A crescendo of precious love.
Raise your voice
So pure, so clear, untroubled,
For no trouble in fact exists
It’s life’s mysterious beacon
The miracle, the magnificence
The vibrational power, enduring energy
Found deep within.

I have planted thousands of tulips in six foot square plots along a hundred foot path, alternating solid red and yellow groupings. It is a stupendous sight, one that takes my breath away every spring. I have planted dozens of lilac, rose of sharon, shrub roses, butterfly bushes which I also enjoy walking along to receive the fragrance they give, and to watch the songbirds, butterfly, and bumble bees stop to take a sniff. Even my two little dogs stop to appreciate their scent.

What is it we smell when we detect the subtle fragrance of the flower? Is it merely a chemical reaction to the flower pollen in the air? Or could it also be a reflection of the love from and with which it is made?

Echoes of the Goodness

In the quiet of inner being
Resides the absolute truth
In the stillness of the soul
Rests the reality of thee
Let us focus the power
Of our intuition
On the miracle of this life
It is in the
Songbird’s call
The cricket’s chirp
The frog’s trill
The owl’s hoot
It’s a whisper in the wind
A rustling of the leaves
A gurgling of the brook
Yes, the limitless, formless One
Sings once again
Echoes of the Goodness
That emanate from that source
The one true source.
Allow us all
To hear the rhythm
The harmony,
The melody,
Let us feel the irresistible
Beat of the music
Found within,
The magnificent love of all
The magical mystery of this life.
For love is the voice
That sings this song

Science can help us understand that from fractals to chaos theory, from synchronicity to the miraculous vibration of life, these are the forces of attraction that bring energy together in explanations of quantum mechanics. Is it so, could it also be that the one source of all is simply love?

My answer is yes, for there is a whisper in the wind, calling us to the truth of who we are.

My Heart

A light pierces
My heart, all the way
To the other side
Of emptiness.
And now, as this moment
Turns into the next
As the universe sings its song of truth
Of peace and grace
A sudden realization appears
That when we decide to just be
We leave the meaning behind
Back at the ornament
Of me.
And so,
A new door opens,
Filling the space left behind, with
Light and tenderness,
Innocence, gentleness.
For in the unity of thee
Resides a renewed and resilient me.

Within each of our cells, there is a magical dance taking place; enzymes are activated, ions exchanged, the lungs breathe, the heart beats, food is digested – all without your active participation. How can this be?

As we look ever deeper, the atoms of which we are made add up to more than all the stars in the universe. In fact, the space between each of our atoms is proportional to the space between the stars. So we are mostly the space between.

The atoms are made up of ever smaller particles, until the particles become waves of energy and light. These waves of energy and light are the substance of you. This force of attraction holds them together, makes them work as one, as an energy that exudes, emanates the love we feel, see, and taste.

So, you are truly a miracle, made of love, bathed in love, surrounded by love. As has been written in that famous song, “All there is, is love, Love is all there is.”

The love that you feel, see, taste is a reflection of the one source of which everything is made. It is a reflection of who you really are.

So the next time you experience love in all its many flavors, fragrances, and colors, it is but a reminder of who you really are.

Who are We?

While what we feel
Seems solid, all around
Don’t be fooled
We’re mostly the space between
Seek to know
This life as
Enduring energy
The magical mystery of change
Measured in time
A heavenly cloud of kindness
A hallowed ground of grace
A contemplative domain of love
A wistful field of benefaction
A celestial sphere of truth
Living in
A peace that passes
All understanding.
In the name of all that is true.

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